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Overdraft Courtesy Pay Program

Important Information Regarding Changes to Checking Account ATM and Debit Card Overdrafts.

Recent federal regulation changes require that we stop offering overdraft protection as currently available.

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough funds available in your checking account to cover your transaction. Under our Courtesy Pay program, the credit union provides overdraft protection by paying the transaction and an overdraft fee is charged to your account.

In compliance with the new regulations, as of August 14, 2010, you must choose to keep Courtesy Pay before the service can continue to cover your ATM and Debit card transactions. The new rule will not affect paper check, ACH, or automatic bill pay overdrafts.

If you do not choose our Courtesy Pay protection, your ATM and Debit card transactions that exceed your available balance will be declined.

Overdraft Protection helps:

  • Maintain your credibility by avoiding overdrafts in your personal finances.
  • Provide a buffer that helps prevent your account balance from going into the negative.

To keep Courtesy Pay on your ATM and Debit card transactions, please contact member services at (877) 297-4707.