First Time Homebuyer Webinar

Our real estate specialists will teach you more about:

  • Current housing market in California
  • Information about mortgage loans, loan process, rates, etc.
  • Types of financing and financing terms
  • Answers to First Time Buyer Questions
  • How to find the right home
  • Buying and selling
  • Home offer process
  • Benefits of working with an experienced realtor

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Affinity Trust Webinar

Upcoming webinar date: Feb 8, 2023, Wednesday, 05:00 PM

Our partners from Affinity Trust will teach you about:

  • Why a revocable living trust is so important for homeowners
  • What is the differences between a revocable living trust and a will
  • How to avoid the costly, public, and time-consuming probate process
  • How to plan for incapacity, protect your family, and your assets
  • How to safeguard minor children and special-needs dependents

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Car Buying Webinar

Our partners from Carscouts will teach you about:

  • The key differences between going through a car dealership vs through Carscouts
  • The current car market and upcoming trends
  • Why there is a shortage of cars and what it means to you
  • What Carscouts has to offer to myPSFCU members

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