Welcome to your MySTEP Student Plan! My name’s Mya and I’ll be guiding you through the entire learning process. Now that you’ve scanned the first QR Code, allow me to give you a brief description of what MySTEP Student Plan is!

My membership with myPSFCU
Study about how to budget effectively
Think about how to keep my credit score high
Empower my education with student loans
Prepare myself with getting a first car

Pretty awesome, right? And now for your first MySTEP as a student, you are eligible to apply for our myStudent Checking. It comes with an exclusive Round-Up Savings feature: Watch the video below to learn more!

myStudent Checking has no monthly fees and comes with a variety of features for students. Check out our Mustang page for more details or talk to any student rep and/or myPSFCU representative!

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